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Zero Blast provides an active defensive barrier for sports fields and equipment against germs, pathogens and microbes of almost every type – including Staph, MRSA, Flu, E. Coli, and others. Play Hard. Play Healthy.

Zero Blast Process involves a positively-charged chemical chain capable of bonding to any surface type, providing an effective defense against most germs, pathogens, and microbes, including staph, MRSA, flu, e. coli, salmonella, and more. This is the industry’s most cost-effective treatment for reducing microorganism-born illnesses and life-threatening infections.

Athletes encounter “high-touch” surfaces, bio-stained fabrics, and unsterile materials throughout their careers. To help prevent the spread of germs during rehabilitation or downtime, protecting sports facilities and equipment is an important defensive step.

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    When Clean Is Not EnoughTM

    Make Your Space Safe

    Get peace of mind knowing your office, home, retail or industrial space is protected for up to 90 days from germs.

    For 10 years ZeroBlast has protected the spaces in some of the most demanding environments from germs, viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi.  That list includes emergency vehicles, classrooms, hotels, hospitals / clinics, professional sports teams, care homes, industrial sites, offices, fleet vehicles and residential homes.

    Get Peace Of Mind

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      Keep Your Players In The Game

      ZeroBlast’s Surface Defender (™) program protects your surfaces quarterly from microbes, viruses and germs, giving you the peace of mind your space is safe.

      Our antimicrobial’s surface protection uniquely kills pathogens instantly when they come into contact with it’s microscopic bed of “spikes”, rupturing the germs membrane. Unlike poisons which can leach our invisible antimicrobial instantly binds to any surface and will not flake off overtime.

      ZeroBlast is the oldest, most experienced and largest antimicrobial surface protection service in North America.

      With over 55 million square feet protected with our non-toxic antimicrobial surface protection, the ZeroBlast process is safe for both human and pet contact within minutes of treatment.

      Reduce Sick Days

      Keep your athletes in the game.

      • Covid
      • H1N1
      • SARS
      • HIV
      • Rhinovirus
      • Ringworm
      • MRSA
      • Herpes I&II
      • Bacteria
      • Influenza
      • Staph
      • WNV
      • Fungi
      • Athletes Foot
      • Mildew
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      • Black Mold
      • Microbes
      • Odour
      • Cold Virus
      • Aspergillus Mold
      • Salmonella
      • E.Coli

      3 Months Of Protection

      Case Studies:

      ATP Microbial contamination audit before and 3 months after treatment.


      0–30 Food Safe
      >100 Acceptable
      100+ Contaminated

      Care Home

      Heating/AC Unit
      Initial:  1484
      90 Days:  8

      Shower Chair
      Initial:  648
      90 Days:  3

      Initial:  462
      90 Days:  7

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      Cab Fan Knob
      Initial:  453
      90 Days:  22

      CB Call Button
      Initial:  226
      90 Days:  9

      Rear Exit Handle
      Initial:  162
      90 Days:  17

      Proven Effective

      Keep Your Space SafeBetween Cleanings

      Organizations are responsible to ensure their their players, guests and staff are safe from catching communicable diseases.

      Unfortunately cleaning and disinfecting is simply not enough.

      Disinfecting surfaces can remove or kill pathogens, but research shows half the time surfaces are not adequately cleaned and can be re-contaminated within minutes.

      The time between cleanings is called the “Disinfection Gap” and it’s during this time your customers and staff are at the highest risk.

      ZeroBlast’s Surface Defender program protects your space for 90 days between cleanings and on areas that may be missed by your janitorial team.

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      15 Years Experience& Over 55 Million Sq Ft Protected