Athletics Germ Elimination & Protection

Don't let germs sideline your athletes.

I haven’t found another system that’s out there that has been as effective as ZeroBlast. Chris Hall – Texas Christian University

Zero Blast Is A Game Changer

Zero Blast is the recognized leader in providing sports facilities and equipment with protection from contagious infections. Fields, locker rooms, and gear are the primary fomites (objects or materials that are likely to carry infection) transmitting and harboring “game changing” bacteria and viruses that can easily spread from a field, court, or even a ball to from player to player.

Protect your team where ever they are:

Locker Rooms

Sports Mats

Hot Tubs

Massage Rooms

Sports Equipment

Weight Rooms

Exercise Equipment


Spectator Areas



Gym Floors


Food Concessions

The ZeroBlast advanced process, coupled with our proven delivery process, covers fabrics, natural and synthetic fibers, and surfaces to produce a durable, long-lasting coating of protection.+

It’s not just clean. It’s protected. We harness the power of a positively-charged chemical chain that bonds to all surfaces and provides an active barrier against germs, pathogens, and microbes of almost every type, including staph, MRSA, flu, e. coli, salmonella, and others.

In addition, you eliminate downtime resulting from an outbreak of infectious diseases, such as staph, meningitis, and MRSA. A preventative maintenance program will lower your repair costs on older equipment and increase the lifespan of the newer.