Emergency & Essential Services

It’s vital to keep our emergency and essential service providers healthy and in the field.

This is important because most essential service providers do not only work but live in a confined area that can easily spread any germ, virus or bacteria brought in from helping others. A new virus that is introduced can quickly spread and take a whole crew out of service in a matter of hours. 

By protecting their work areas and equipment with ZeroBlast, your crews can work in a safer work environment for up to three months. This includes all service areas either your crew or the people in their care touch to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and prevent cross contamination and potential sickness.

ZeroBlast will sanitize and protect surfaces from over 75 contagious bugs, including: viruses, bacteria, H1N1, influenza, microbes, SARS, staph, odor, HIV, WNV, cold virus, stachybotrys black mold, rhinovirus, fungi, aspergillus mold, ringworm, athletes foot, jock itch, MRSA, mildew, salmonella enterica, E. coli, stains, herpes simplex I & II.

AMR Ambulance Case Study

Test areas included: CB call button, passenger seat armrest, cab fan control knob, rear CB call button, rear side door exit handle, steering wheel, keyboard of onboard computer, box jump seat behind driver, box rocker switch, box cabinets, black cargo net middle buckle, cab rocker switch – emergency master, floor in front of jump seat behind cab, rear side door exit handle

Microbial contamination audit before and after treatment.

  • 0 – 30 Food Safe
  • >100 Acceptable
  • 100+ Microbial Contamination

Sample Area Initial Reading After Treatment
Cab CB Call Button 135 14
Passenger Armrest 202 32
Cab Fan Control Knob 453 22
Rear CB Call Button 226 9
Rear Side Exit Handle 162 17

Ambulance Rear CB Radio Button

Before Service: 226

After Service: 9

Ambulance Rear CB Radio Button

Before Service: 453

After Service: 22

ZeroBlast can effectively protect common high touchpoints like:


Fire Trucks

City Service Vehicles

Detention Centers



Wheel Chairs



Communication Devices

Police Vehicles

Reception Counters

Fire Halls

Tactical Equipment

Food Services

Mess Halls

Door Handles


Waiting Rooms

Bio Contamination Sites


Sleeping Quarters




Transfer Vehicles

Court Houses

Protective Gear

Emergency Rooms