Food & Beverage Germ Elimination

When things go wrong in food services, they usually affect a number of customers.

While the food is often to blame, the real culprit is the preparation area and equipment used to store, handle and prepare it.

After a day of service, that bacteria on one piece of equipment could easily cross contaminate hundreds of other items throughout your kitchen. Since one germ can multiply to over 8 million germs in 24 hours, just one or two improperly cleaned pieces of equipment could cause big trouble a day or a week later.

Unfortunately by the very nature of the industry, the people you entrust to clean and protect your kitchen, bar and dining room, are usually your most transient, lowest paid and least skilled on your team. They are working hard to pay the bills and usually do not understand the ramifications of doing their job to a standard anything less than perfect.

That is why it’s important to not only have your facility disinfected regularly but to protect all surfaces from future contamination.

Zeroblast can help protect:




Cutting Boards

Fresh Cases

Dining Rooms

Cold Storage

Food Trucks / Carts


Banquet Halls



Prep Areas

Floor Drains

Make Tables