Health Care Germ Elimination & Protection

The inherent challenge with medical facilities is even though they may have the best cleaning protocol in the world, they are in constant contact with care providers and sick patients that continually contaminate the facility.

While manual cleaning may get most of the bacteria and viruses, a manual process will almost always miss areas and will not prevent contamination moments later once contacted by staff or patients.

Protecting your surfaces with ZeroBlast ensures your surfaces are safe for care providers and the patients they are helping.

Coronavirus Unit Treated & Protected

Hendrick Medical Center’s Coronavirus Unit has recently been treated and protected with our non-toxic antimicrobial disinfectant. Contact us today protect your staff and patients.

Case Study: Ambulance

Sample Area Initial Reading After Treatment
Cab CB Call Button 135 14
Passenger Armrest 202 32
Cab Fan Control Knob 453 22
Rear CB Call Button 226 9
Rear Side Exit Handle 162 17

Case Study: Senior Care Facility

Sample Area Initial Reading After 3 Months
Handrail 462 7
Nurses Station Phone 190 14
Shower Chair 648 3
Heating/AC Unit 1484 8

Target areas for ZeroBlast protection in healthcare include:

Waiting Rooms

Emergency Rooms

Wheel Chairs



Medical Equipment



Examination Rooms

Operating Rooms

Nurses Stations

Patient Rooms


Wellness Professionals

High Touch Points (phones, cupboard handles, fridges)


X-Ray Equipment

Common Areas

Waiting Rooms

Hall / Stairways

Rehab Equipment