Hospitality & Lodging Germ Elimination

The last thing any operator wants is a social media post saying a room or staff member got a guest sick. It’s that type of news that can go quickly viral and is hard to contain, ruining a hard earned reputation in days.

A typical person touches over 300 surfaces every 30 minutes meaning they are in contact with over 860,000 germs which are able to double in volume every 20 minutes.

It’s normal for any hospitality operation to have hundreds of individuals, touching thousands of touchpoints throughout their stays. They not only are spreading germs from one area of your facility to another, but they are also introducing new germs from where they came from off their person, clothing, and luggage to the hundreds of touchpoints they make contact with during their stay.

ZeroBlast not only will sanitize these high traffic touchpoints in your facility but also protect them for 3 months from additional contamination. This is something simple cleaning can not do because without protection a surface will be contaminated again upon first contact.

Common hospitality targets needing germ protection include:

Hotel Rooms


Food Services


Business Centers

Spa Services

Short Term Rentals

Conference Rooms

Outdoor Furniture




Dining Rooms



Phone Banks


Luggage Services