Public Transit Germ Elimination & Protection

While you can invest to maintain a world class fleet, cleaning a transit system can be challenging to say the least.

The reason is, it does not matter how well you clean, the moment a passenger makes contact with any surface they are spreading germs they have picked up from over 300 surfaces they have contacted in the last half hours containing over 860,000 germs. And it is impractical to take vehicles out of operation several times a day to stay on top of sanitizing them.

But with ZeroBlast, not only will all your surfaces be sanitized, they will be protected from germs for up to 3 months, keeping your passengers safe.

The ZeroBlast system is perfect for public transportation because it is designed to ensure the most vulnerable rider is safe as only water based, non-toxic, hypoallergenic antimicrobial coatings are used.

Since most transit vehicles are easy to access, protecting them can be done for just a few cents a square foot.

Common protected surfaces included:




Hand Grasps



Driver Cockpits

Stop Alert Cables

Waiting Areas


School Busses

Bus Stops