School Germ Elimination and Protection

It goes without saying that everyone wants schools to be clean and safe. Unfortunately due to stretched budgets and overworked custodial staff, it’s impossible to keep ahead of infections and outbreaks.

Schools are not a closed environment so can become a petri dish for germs and bacteria to thrive. When a spike in sick days or an outbreak occurs it’s too late to take any preventative action and deep cleaning only works until the first contact is made with any touchpoint in the school.

ZeroBlast is not only the proactive solution your school needs to protect your students but it also quickly disinfects (99.9%) your schools for 3 months to prevent further contamination. This reduces the overall maintenance costs responding to outbreaks.

Since the ZeroBlast process is non-toxic and water based, disinfected areas can be turned back into service within an hour of treatment. Our disinfectant solution does not rub off on skin or clothing and is hypoallergenic and non-sensitizing to fit into the school environment.