Assisted Living & Care Home Germ Prevention

I continue to be amazed by the results. Not only did our facility go through flu season with no reported cases in our elderly population, our rate of infections has dropped. Village Care Housekeeping Director

It is your responsibility to protect our communities most vulnerable. Unfortunately when an infection occurs the consequences are deadly.

One only needs to look to Kirkland WA where a breakout of the Coronavirus infected 1 in 3 residents and 47 staff at Life Care Center, leaving over 35 dead. At one time this made up 60% of all use deaths due to the coronavirus.

But as we all know cleaning is a challenge. Once a surface is cleaned it can be immediately contaminated again seconds later with the next contact. Then when you consider the average person touches 300 surfaces ever 30 minutes, they are in contact with and speaking over 860,000 germs. Cleaning is an uphill battle that is almost impossible to win.

That is why ZeroBlast is so important to add to your cleaning routine because ZeroBlast will disinfect and protect your environment for up to 3 months from gems and bacteria.

The following case study at Village Care proves the effectiveness of treatment:

Sample Area Initial Reading After 3 Months
Handrail 462 7
Nurses Station Phone 190 14
Shower Chair 648 3
Heating/AC Unit 1484 8

Use ZeroBlast to disinfect and protect:






Nap Areas



Outdoor Equipment

Vans / Buses

Carpets / Rugs



Indoor / Outdoor Shoes

Play Equipment

Parent Rooms


Rubber Floors


Food Service Carts