Taxi/Limo, Rideshare, Care Share, Motor Coach Germ Elimination And Protection

It does not matter if you are a professional driver or a fleet operator, every guest you pick up carries with them the germs and bacteria from hundreds of touchpoints before they enter your vehicle.

These germs can not only be transferred to the driver and other passengers, but they can also be brought back to your operations hard, maintenance crew and supporting team members.

Rideshare drives have their own unique challenges as the vehicle you use for driving passengers is often the same one that has your kids in it. The last thing you want is to put your family in harm’s way because of a contaminated passenger.

Considering the average person touches over 860,000 germs ever thirty minutes from the 300+ surfaces they touch, it’s inevitable cross-contamination will occur between drivers and passengers.

But you can protect your vehicle and people by having ZeroBlast quickly disinfect and protect all your vehicle surfaces for 90 days in just a few minutes. Most vehicles are operational within 20 minutes of treatment, making ZeroBlast a simple solution to implement for your fleet.

Protect the high touch points drivers and passengers contact throughout the day:



AC/Heat Knob

Storage Areas

Entertainment Systems




Service Items

Door/Window Controls

Door Handles

POS Systems

Seat Backs

Flyer/Car Holders

Rideshare Protection Meetups

ZeroBlast offers rideshare protection meetups, where drivers simply drive-through and have their vehicles disinfected and protected in minutes. Contact ZeroBlast to organize a meetup in your area.