Top To Bottom Protection

When Clean Is Not EnoughTM

Five Steps To 90 Days Of Protection

5 steps to ZeroBlasts germ elimination and surface protection program.

1. Program Design

A treatment plan will be created with your facility manager to ensure maximum and long-term effectiveness, while at the same time keep interruption or downtime to a minimum.

2. Cleaning

ZeroBlast is best applied directly after your target areas are cleaned to ensure all germs and viruses are eliminated and your surfaces are protected. The cleaner the surface, the better the protection and that is why it is suggested application is done after your scheduled cleaning.

3. Treatment

Surface areas will be disinfected and protected through applying our EPA and USDA approved cleaning solutions through both mechanical and manual processes. ZeroBlast only uses water based, non-toxic antimicrobial disinfectants, most treatment areas can return back to service within 1 hour but must be free of all humans and pets during service.

4. Audit

Finally, our ZeroBlast technician will conduct microbial contamination audit on a sample of high touch areas to confirm contamination levels are brought down to a safe level. A reading of 0-30 is considered food safe, 0-100 acceptable and 100+ microbial contamination.

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Before Service: 226

After Service: 9

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Before Service: 453

After Service: 22

5. Maintenance

Treatment should be reapplied every three months to ensure the area remains free of viruses and germs.