Results You Can Count On

ZeroBlast Process positively-charged chemical chain bonds to virtually any surface type, providing an effective defence against most germs, pathogens, and microbes, including staph, MRSA, flu, e. coli, salmonella, and more.

ZeroBlast is the industry’s most cost-effective treatment for reducing microorganism-born illnesses and life-threatening infections.

Medical professionals, emergency responders, teachers, students, athletes, travellers and office professionals encounter “high-touch” surfaces, bio-stained fabrics, and unsterile materials throughout their day. A proactive approach to prevent the spread of germs through contact with the facility and equipment is important.

Patient, Employee, Student and Athlete Protection

  • Reduce illness, sick leave, and absenteeism
  • Remove harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa
  • Bonds to surfaces and forms a hardened barrier

Kills Odors in Fabrics and On Surfaces

  • Encapsulates and eliminates persistent foul odours
  • Protects against odour return by treating the root cause

Durable Protectant NOT a Temporary Disinfectant

  • 90 days of continuous anti-microbial protection
  • Non-toxic and safe for use around folks, food, and pets
  • Germ elimination and protects all surfaces and fabrics on contact

Case studies and results of microbial contamination audit before and after treatment.

  • 0 – 30 Food Safe
  • >100 Acceptable
  • 100+ Microbial Contamination

ZeroBlast's results speak for themselves. It offers long-lasting protection against the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, algae, yeast, and viruses.


Case Study: Senior Care Facility

Sample Area Initial Reading After 3 Months
Handrail 462 7
Nurses Station Phone 190 14
Shower Chair 648 3
Heating/AC Unit 1484 8

Case Study: Ambulance

Sample Area Initial Reading After Treatment
Cab CB Call Button 135 14
Passenger Armrest 202 32
Cab Fan Control Knob 453 22
Rear CB Call Button 226 9
Rear Side Exit Handle 162 17

Ambulance Rear CB Radio Button

Before Service: 226

After Service: 9

Ambulance Rear CB Radio Button

Before Service: 453

After Service: 22

Case Study: Daycare

Sample Area Initial Reading After Treatment 90 Days After
Water Fountain 1256 38 42
Keyboard 317 50 47
Table 170 2 0
Rear Side Exit Handle 162 17 0